To reach Burgas' soul

The city of Burgas - charming, romantic, magnetic, picturesque, artistic. Shy for the strangers and generous to all, who have felt the emotional rhythm of the Sea, the freedom of the talkative herring-gulls, which roam with joy in the sky, the sharpness of the sea breeze that provokes the senses... Burgas has always had the attractive feeling of freedom. read more...

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About project

The creators of VR Burgas are young designers, programmers, animators, photographers, people who love their city, united around the Burgas Municipality's project to tell about the City in an interesting and attractive way.
We start our virtual tour in Burgas with its old streets and buildings. If you like it, we promise to continue.
The main character in this walk is Rusi - a curious, bitter cheeky and extremely knowledgeable bird. He is the eternal interlocutor of the Mostika's fishermen, witnesses to all the meetings at “the Clock”, welcomes and farewells the trains at the Railway station of Burgas, walks proudly across the square in front of the Municipal building. He will show you the city, he will bother you in the most popular cafes and will accompany you along the most charming street - “Bogoridi”. Trust him! Rusi knows the city very well!